vrijdag 16 maart 2012


Pretty different as my last look eh? I always laugh when people tell me 'that's really your style' because i honestly don't know what 'my style' would be. I guess i just wear anything i like.
These pants are the ones from the Hurray for outlets- post. I usually wear skinnies or shorts when it comes to pants, but i like this new fit.  
So as you might have read, i ordered some things at the H&M shop online. I felt so fortunate when i managed to get a Marni for H&M pants (the gold/purple one) in my shoppingbag on fridaymorning! I fell in love with them immediately when the images of the campaign were released, but didn't count on getting my hands on it since i was not planning on standing in line and it was first sold out online.
After a week of - very impatiently - waiting, yesterday they came in and...i look dreadful in them! How big a dissappointment!!
I am left with a very unsatisfied shopping-mood right now, however the upside is, i have more money left to spend in Berlin, where i will be going next week. :)

[wearing Hallhuber pants, Forever21 blazer, Casio watch via Modemusthaves]

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