dinsdag 5 juni 2012

i spoil myself ONLINE


So i did some online ordering here and there. Since in my town there are not exaclty what you'd call an overload of inspiring stores (read: lack of) i do most of my shopping online.
Here's how this goes: after an eve of surfing i end up with at least 5 virtual shopping carts all stuffed with way more amazing items i could actually afford. So i go to sleep. The next day, the decision making begins. Sometimes takes even more days, i can be such a doubter! Finally i end up ordering still way more items than i should, to i can doubt a little longer at home. A week later it feels like christmas with all packages arriving, driving my neighbours crazy 'cause i am not home to accept them. The deciding continues, just as long as i finally manage to puzzle everything into the budget. PFF.
The online shopping spree this time contains H&M, Mango and Ichi (via Welikefashion.com). Total spend: exactly 100 euros! 

PS i did also order the denim waistcoat at Mango, but unfortunately it was waaay to big...

So what do you think of the items?

[shopping: Ichi blue leather shorts, Mango aztec printed tee, H&M white and denim short, sleeveless shirt, parka and peplum top]

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