maandag 30 januari 2012

January Journey

Welcome to wearegoingdutch! What better way to start this blog than to share with you my January journey.
I find January a weird month: the beginning of a new year gives energy but at the same time i'm still stuck in winter-slow-motion. 
January-shopping is the same, as there are still nice items to find on sale (which by the way totally stretches my ability to determine whether i really like a piece or i just want it because its cheap)but also the new collections are so appealing. 

Solution? Pick the best from the old (embrace January-sale-chances) and combine with the basics of the new (embrace new beginnings). :)
A lace short was on my wish list and i found this one 50% off, we are meant to be :). The burgundy pants should be on anyones wish list, the color is great!

In the picture:
  1. Burgundy skinnies, Only 29,95
  2. Lace shorts, Jane Norman via V&D 21,00
  3. Tapered pants, H&M 14,95
  4. Woolen skort, H&M 12,95
  5. Cardigan, H&M 14,95

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