dinsdag 31 januari 2012

Outfit 'Non-practical'

Dutchies are probably more known for their practical way of dressing as outstanding style.
Blame it on the cycling, or the weather, we tend to dress pretty safe.
As for me I try to rebel this thinking and wear what I want, whenever I want. Unfortunately this results in hilarious situations, as cycling with very tight and/or short skirts which makes me flounder to not show off more than I want to and in my attempt to look fashionable instead I make a real fool out of myself. But hey, ‘Bridget Jones’ is a style too! 

This morning I probably reached my top in rebellish non-practical thinking, as I was about to wear very high pumps while outside it was freezing -5 and snow. Luckily, sanity came back before leaving the house haha. Still in high heels though.
Anyway, I really like this outfit, the skort (from my previous post) makes me feel really really girly!

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