vrijdag 6 juli 2012



Visiting Milan, gosh it caused some serious wardrobe stress :). But, this outfit proved to be a good choice, and even raised some attention on the streets for the neon necklace. Even people stopping right in front of me! 
I spotted it as a giveaway weeks ago on fashionblog Just Like Sushi. But since i am not that lucky winning things, i decided to take matters in my own hands and order the necklace myself. It's made by a designer from Chile - you can find her amazing work on Etsy.com (see here, you really should check it out) - and is made of a very soft stretch fabric. So cool!

PS i announced doing shoe shopping in Milan, since i broke my heels before going there, so you might be wondering... No results though. 
!!!??? Yes, i know, rare situation right! I did pick up a neon tank top and lace skirt, which i hope to show you soon. Keep you posted! 

[wearing Mango asymmetric skirt (see also here), Valentino studded sunglasses, neon necklace via Etsy.com, H&M t-shirt and sandals (old)]

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