maandag 6 augustus 2012

shopping JULY RECAP 103,75


I know, we are already halfway (ah well, almost) August, but i owed you the shopping total of July! I have been neglecting you lately due to some work issues causing a serious lack of energy. Even to do the things i love most.
It took some lovely followers complaining to finally kickstart myself again and provide the needed inspiration to create a new post.
So girls, thank you so much!!

Here now, what do you see? Since some of the items were bought in Milan, some in Berlin and some online, i can't believe it's been only a month...

Neon tanktop - Pimkie 9,95
Lace skirt - Promod 39,95 (wore this to Fashion Week)
Denim blouse - Mango on sale 17,95 (you saw me wearing this here)
Pastel skirt - Mango on sale 22,95 (with the denim blouse here)
Embroidered jeans - Mango on sale 12,95

I am in love with the Mango jeans, the embroidery is amazing and i found them sooo cheap! Hurray for sale ;). 
What's your best sale shopping find this season?

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Yay for the new post!
    Best sale piece was probably my Maxi dress from Jane Norman. You've seen it ;)

  2. looks good! I really love the denim blouse. keep posting!


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