maandag 10 september 2012



YAY here's a new outfitpost! Can't believe so much as a month passed by without me posting anything new...It have been - well still are - hectic times, but, good things are on my way :).
And again a lovely shout out for friends complaining about the lack of posts, really appreciate your interest!!

Aren't these pants just a little Isabel Marant-ish? That's what i like to tell myself haha. 
The H&M heels are incredible, but i am sad to say i ruined the golden backs already with numerous scratches...(Remember i am a shoe martyr. Disrespectfully cramming her one and only designer pair of heels in a handbag? Yes that would be me).

Hope you like the look! 
PS Shopping result from August will be on soon (i mean really, i took the pics already :) ).

[wearing Mango jeans, H&M old lace top, H&M heels, bag bought on Berlin market]

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