donderdag 22 november 2012



A long overdue post about a love interest of mine: Stockholm. Huuuuge city-crush! 
I felt so lucky being back in Sweden and visiting this gorgeous city again. And boy was there a flirtation going on; we had two days of radiant autumn-sun, making the entire city look absolutely stunning.
We were staying in a floating hostel and waking up on the water, with an amazing view, was just the perfect start of our days.

We spend the weekend drinking coffees, wandering around, doing some sightseeing (that is, as lurking at the guards around the kings property, buying a canvas bag with ' I love Stockholm' and visiting a children's museum about the stories of Astrid Lindgren count as sightseeing) and off course, shopping!

With the days getting dark early there is no after-work photographing any more, and with me being away in every weekend since this trip, i haven't had the change to take pictures from my scored shoppings yet, but hope to get them soon.
For now, hope you enjoy the diary!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Jeeeeeeeej!!!
    Ziet er uit als een super relaxte trip... Nu snel de foto's van de aanwinsten, ben benieuwd.....

  2. LEUK!! Ik hou van citytrips, keertje samen gaan :)?
    Wij net terug uit London, helaas vliegtuig gemist (hele ervaring, maar ook een hele uitgave haha)



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