woensdag 17 oktober 2012

shopping GLAMOUR DAY


Shopping! Embarrassed to say i bought these items already two weeks ago, on the Glamour shopping day. Better late than never eh. 
So we spent that day in Rotterdam, which is one of my favorite cities to go shopping. I hear you thinking 'is this all, after you've planned out this shopping trip weeks from before and saving up for it, really, is this all?!'. Well...I did get a gorgeous neon knitted sweater at River Island also, but arriving home and proudly unpacking it, i noticed a GIANT hole in the sleave! Still wondering how come i didn't see that in the store, since it was a hole of massive proportions really. Probably the rush of excitement (you know, that feeling that suddenly you want to have? End of the day i ran back to the store to quickly scoop it). Anyway long story short; i had to return it.
Also i ordered boots from Sasha that day, the perfect Chloe Susanna look-a-likes in black. As much as i loved them, i did not love them on me, so i returned them also. 

So that leaves 'only' these three lovely pieces, plus a cheap black skinny from H&M for a DIY project involving studs - coming soon :).

Total spend is 93,90:
H&M bomber 29,95
New Look top 16,00
New Look waxed skinny 20,00
H&M basic black skinny 9,95
River Island sweater 18,00 (returned it but now i got a voucher to hand in there, so technically the money is spend..)

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