zondag 2 december 2012



Yes, new goodies! These items are my souvenirs from Stockholm, and also the total shopping score of November. 

The most surprising shopping street of Stockholm turned out to be Karlav├Ągen (which means 'Karla's street'). Because my friends name is Karla, we looked it up on the map and decided to pay the street a visit. At first it seemed to be just a beautiful lane - trees in the middle and stuff - but then we discovered some really interesting shops, selling second hand items. 
The interesting part was that they were all selling pre-owned items from H&M or other regular brands, but also - brace yourselves - Chanel, Prada, Gucci, even Mulberry...! 
What was just average browsing and shopping, instantly became treasure hunting really. The idea of maybe finding something designer-great you might even be able to pay for, caused a funny rush haha.
However in the end, i didn't find anything i liked (or could afford, as the Mulberry bag for example still was expensive of course) but is it certainly a street to remember and a shopping tip to you!

What i did pick up:
Monki feather transparant blouse 35,00 
Cubus open back white blouse 20,00
Bikbok peplum top 45,00

Did some real souvenir shopping as well by the way, bought a sweet little design version of the traditional Dala horse at interior shop Designtorget :).

Finally took some outfit photo's again today, expect them 
soon up here (don't miss out, follow via Bloglovin or Twitter).Have a lovely Sunday eve!

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