zaterdag 8 december 2012



Would it be too cold to wear flipflops today you think? 
I enthusiastically walked to work yesterday, thinking that might be smarter than challenging the snowstorm that was going on by bike. And even though it was just a 10min walk, i managed to realize a serious blister. No shoes fit today!

Anyway, this outfit is perfect for a comfy Saturday. The bomber shaped jackets that you see now popping up here and there; i like 'em. It's something different as a blazer, can be really casual/college-like, but can also be feminine and classy - mostly in case of a black example than. 

Remember the National Glamour Shopping Day session (read all about it here). Well that day i scored this bomber jacket at H&M. After wearing it only once i started thinking why in the name of love i bought it. I don't now where that little time out of hatred came from, i think it's a great piece!
The bomber shape looks great with a miniskirt as well, especially when zipped closed. 

Kicking of my shoes now, have a nice weekend!

[wearing: H&M bomber and denim, some-boutique-in-Amsterdam boots]

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