vrijdag 13 april 2012


Well, you might have noticed florals prints are 'a thing' these days, they are literally EVERYWHERE.
These pants came in right before leaving for Berlin and i had been doubting about keeping them. Since floral pants are all over the web, shops, bloggers and magazines, it kinda felt like a 'been there done that' story to me. 
But, as these were only 14,95 (!) and the happy print made me feel quite cheerful, i decided to keep them anyway.
Also because they are only 14,95, it so happens that the two times i wore them now, i ran into someone else wearing exactly the same! Mmm. So much for joining a trend. 

However, if we all wear florals this spring, we will have jolly good streets :).
Have an awesome weekend!

PS. Updated the budget with this shopping, share left: 2 euro's...

[wearing H&M pants, H&M trend jacket]

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