maandag 2 april 2012


Here are some pictures that were shot in Berlin. The wall is a part of the inner side of the infamous Berlin Wall, on which graffiti artists have lived out their fantasies. Taking pictures there was a very spontaneous thing to do and i like how the outfit and the wall coincidentally combine. 
I was planning on wearing black wedges with peeptoe for this outfit, but as i was facing a day of strolling through the city i found reason and choose these good-for-walking flats instead. But if i'd known these pics would be taken, i'd probably taken the risk of sore feet and wear the heels anyway haha. Oh well. 

The yellow blouse (see me wearing it also here) was perfect for the amazing sunny weather, and is combined with an old pair of Topshop jeans which i completely forgot about. I need to thank my friend Karlijn for returning them to me 'cause i totally fell in love with them again :). 

[wearing blouse, Topshop denim, Jane Norman bag, Ray-Ban sunglasses]

8 opmerkingen:

  1. sour feet XD Sorry dear sister but I think you mean sore feet.
    I do really like the sunny feeling of these pics!

  2. ik krijg altijd zo'n zin om te shoppen als ik je posts lees....

  3. Love the outfit. Great blog too.
    If you want we can follow each other via GFC. Promise to follow back if you like my blog and follow. Kisses

  4. Great post. Like the outfit very much!


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