donderdag 27 september 2012


JAY, payday came! 
Have you seen the amount of budget left to next month!? It's now on 146,00, a-ma-zing!
I have to say i am quite impressed with myself for spending only 54,00 in september. Hold on! I have good reasons for this behavior - i have a shopping mission scheduled for this Saturday :). It is National Glamour Day, which means discount at a lot of stores with Glamour magazine. Whoop whoop!

Ok, back to the outfit. This leather skirt is one of the pieces of my september shopping, it was on sale and only 30,00! It's really soft leather and i like the extra layer of transparent fabric. 
I combined it with a jacket which i refer to as 'the quizmaster'  because, well, you can see that for yourself :).

[wearing H&M jacket, blouse, skirt and shoes]

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Leuke outfit! heel mooi die rok!

  2. (ben even aan het bijlezen, had wat gemist SHAME ON ME) SJIEK DE FRIEMEL :) NICE XX


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