zondag 19 februari 2012

Outfit 'Happy up here'


I owed you pictures with the yellow blouse i bought earlier this month (see 'Yellow fever'). As you can see i am wearing the golden Casio watch which was on my wish list (see 'Plan of attack'), huge thanks to my lovely friends! Last week was my birthday and i was very happy receiving the watch as a present. 

Despite the fact that 'birthday' means i am little older now, i really like celebrating this day. It still gives a special feeling and totally brings out a 5-year-old princessy mood. I just love presents! :)

[Nelly.com blouse, Zara fake leather pants, HEMA cardigan] 


2 opmerkingen:

  1. As I already said: I love the bag!

    Never thought I would say that the yellow blouse looks really good. I would never wear it, but you pull it off.

  2. Mooie blouse en horloge! <3



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