donderdag 9 februari 2012

Plan of attack

As i am on a budget here, it was decision making time.
So i've been plotting my 'plan of attack' for this month. An evening of severe online window-shopping and a good night of sleep later i've narrowed my must-buys down to these fantastic four:

1. Yellow - off course. Did a good job already shopping the blouse from Check!
2. Florals. Have to have florals! For instant-happiness and spring fever. Yet i have to decide if its going to be pants or a blouse... 
3. Combi jackets. Some girls have it with shoes, others with bags, i have a thing for blazers. Absolutely love the combination of fabrics from the Zara copy in the picture, but this one is already 99,95...The hunt for my example is on! 
4. Jewelry. Especially this Casio watch, i fell in love with it. 
I am curious to find out if i will succeed in my mission, i tend to get distracted pretty easily.  Could be that i end up buying something neon colored instead... :)

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