zondag 27 mei 2012



(No, i have not quit my blog, yes, i am still alive. Sorry for my lack of posts guys, with no real reason besides i was just enjoying the sun. But that's the past, let me now write you a new post! :) )
So, there is a webshop i'd like to share the existence of with you. 'Cause don't you just get greedy from this picture? I did, took me ages to decide what color i wanted. Having decided finally, the designer added new colors... Couldn't help myself placing a second order.
The best thing is, blogger Willemijn (www.mijnerzijds.nl) makes all these lovely bracelets herself, and so you own not only a handmade piece, but also a unique one. 
Since the opening of the webshop she has invented new stuff already, and uses different materials to add to the designs. So this webshop is really something to keep your eye on!
You'll find your order delivered cutely wrapped and accommodated with a personal note. I say it's receiving a piece of sheer happiness in your mail! :)

Go here: www.mijnerzijdswebshop.luondo.nl.

Enjoy your sunday!

New designs added: macrame bangles

One of the bracelets i ordered

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