dinsdag 15 mei 2012


Busy start of the week it was! Yesterday i was in a meeting-marathon eating the whole Monday. Good thing: it's a short week, since Thursday is a bank holiday and i decided to treat myself with an extra day off on Friday :).  

Just a little peek into my last week:
1. Thinking about getting myself some new sunnies. Still figuring one which ones, choices are hard.
2. Last week i realized my holiday is only 4 weeks away! Less couch-potatoing, more running for the coming weeks.
3. The result of the DIY project (see more here).
4. Sweet things in the mail. Blogpost will follow, so stay tuned!
5. Zara fitting room. Jep, one of them went home with me... :)
6. Do not try this at home! You know your nail polish sucks when it doesn't even last 20 hours - from which the biggest part i even was asleep. The brand in crime: Etos.
7. New DIY project, involving black leather and yellow fabric. More to come!
8. Outfit detail, wearing a jumpsuit and a claw bracelet from Nelly.com.

Happy Tuesday!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Die broeken zijn allemaal leuk! Ik zag ze een paar weken geleden ook bij de H&M, alleen moet ik deze collectie nu even aan me voorbij laten gaan! ;-)

    En je broek met streep: GREAT!

    Vooral zo doorgaan!! ;-)


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