donderdag 3 mei 2012

outfit DRESS UP

It has been a while again since the last full outfit post and coming to think about it, until now i did never wear a dress! 
It has been mostly statement-bottoms so far, i have a thingy for them. At this moment, that is, because these 'really-being-into-something-periods' usually take turns. 

While writing this i try to remember the last time i bought a dress and i...actually cannot remember. Crazy.
But this example is just an old time favorite. It has been sticking around in my closet for already three years now. Great find (i still know the price: on sale for only 13 euro's!). I love the colors, print and asymmetric details. It makes me feel Olivia Palermo and girly :). Exactly what a dress should do!

[wearing Warehouse dress, H&M blazer (see also here), H&M ankle boots, Casio watch via]

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