zaterdag 5 mei 2012


Thrilled with the new items i added to my wardrobe! The mission: Primark. They conquered Dutch territory already a while ago but i had not visited any of the stores yet. 
I became acquainted with the brand on a trip to London three or four years ago, where i visited the store on a saturday afternoon. At 17.30. Bad plan. As it was almost closing time, there was a shopping-rush going on that could be called maniacally and as the store was probably visited by half the residents of London that day, it was a genuine mess. 

However, i saw plenty of Primark items turning up in magazines and as i am on a budget, a new found curiosity brought me to this shopping mission. Yet again on an afternoon. Apparently i did not learn from my previous experience...
Anyway, i did manage to find some nice items and finally scored some tops again - after i have been buying lots of bottoms lately. Though i could not go without scooping yet another pair of statement pants (though not at Primark) :).

Total spend on clothes: 56,00.

[shopping: Primark pink sleeveless blouse, Fishbone shirt, Amisu leopard jeans, Primark sweater, Primark beige clutch, Primark leopard shoes, Zara pink clutch]

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